Just read what some of our Customer's have to say:

I recently sent in my Canon PowerShot SD900 after my two year old decided it would be fun to throw on the floor. My husband thought he could fix it and after landing on your site looking for the part, we found your repair package and decided to go that route instead. We originally contacted your company to ask some questions first, we were helped by Shannon who was so professional and such a nice help. She assured us not to worry about anything and to just leave everything to her. She also emphasized how we were not only getting the camera repaired but that it would be professionally serviced up as well. We opted to go that route and we sent in our broken camera. We'll we just received it back and all I can say is "Wow"!!! You people made this camera like new, it truly seems better than new! My husband and I are so impressed, I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are! Without a doubt, you exceeded our expectations and really made us happy! Your staff treated us so well and I can definately say that we received the best Customer Service we've received from any company anywhere! Rest assured, we will refer you to our family and friends, this was such a deal and a completely positive experience! Please be sure to thank all of your staff for the Outstanding Service they have provided to us. Also, be sure to give Shannon a "well deserved" pat on the back for us! You have a Customer for life, thank you so much :)

Patricia M.
Bradenton, FL

I'm not one to write a letter like this but I feel it is really something I need to do. I recently had my Canon G9 repaired by your company and I couldn't be happier. It came back fast and it is totally perfect again. I couldn't be happier, my G9 is totally perfect. You can count on me being back anytime I need a repair again. Very pleased with everything, many thanks from a very happy customer.

Jeff L.
Arlington, WA

I just wanted to express what a great job Camerasandparts did in repairing our Canon. I talked to a gentlemen named Mike and told him our predicament with just having a newborn and needing our camera. He explained everything to me and got our camera back to us withen a week and it works great. Just wanted to say thank you.

Rafid S.
Grand Blanc, MI

I'd just like to say thanks for good advice, quick posting across the Atlantic and helping me fix my G9. You could teach Canon UK a thing or two about customer service!


Andrew R.
London, UK

Hi - I just wanted to write in and say how pleased I was with the professionalism and customer service I received from your company. My SD850 suddenly gave up one day and the price quoted by Canon to even take a look at it was exorbitant. I stumbled upon CamerasandParts.com and was happy to discover someone other than Canon themselves specialised in repairing these little cameras.

I sent the broken camera off to you and returned it to me quickly - as good as new.

I was pleased to receive a phone call explaining exactly what had happened with the camera and how it was repaired. I was also surprised to discover these repairs even carried a 90 day warranty.

All in all excellent stuff - I would definitely recommend you guys - and if this camera (or others) ever break again - you'll be the first place I call.

Thanks guys.

Nick B.
Hermosa Beach, CA

I recently had a Canon G9 fixed by your team for a power problem, it simply would not turn on one day. Your process to get it fixed and serviced was simple and efficient. You have a very satisfied customer here. Keep up the great work, your team did a great job and I am as happy as can be!

Dan S.
Troy, MI

After being referred to your website through a blog, we purchased your Service Deal for our Canon SD850 camera. We received first-class service from start to finish and the turnaround time was very fast. Andy helped us from start to finish, we are so happy with this deal. The camera works great again and I can now take perfect pictures of my new grand-daughter again. Just a wonderful experience and a great big thank you to your staff. My canon peforms perfectly again.

Sheila W.
Dallas, TX

Dear Friends at CamerasAndParts.com, Please allow me to provide the following testimony as an extremely impressed and elated customer:

To anyone and everyone needing their Canon G9 repaired, let me add my hearty "amen" to all of the various other folks on the Internet recommending that we go to www.camerasandparts.com! My G9 (with warranty expired) went dead with the lens extended two weeks and three days before a three-week trip to Asia. I searched and found several sites with recommendations for www.camerasandparts.com so I called them directly and explained my situation to Mike. Mike explained their all-inclusive parts and repair plus service package, made sure I knew about their $10 discount at the time, and promised to do their best to get my camera fixed and back to me in time for my trip. I express mailed my camera (overnight to El Paso) to them. Although their instructions say only send just the camera, Mike also advised me to send my batteries so they could check them for authenticity and serviceability. It turned out that they needed to order a board for my camera (yep, the loose screw shorted it out - hey, Canon, you really ought to fix that in your assembly process if you haven't already!). Rather than take a chance on not getting the part in with time to get the repair done and my camera back to me on time, they offered to express mail my camera out to their other location where they already had a part like I needed. (I paid the extra shipping to have it expressed there and then expressed back to me in MI.) It arrived back to me just two weeks after the initial malfunction - not only fully functional again but actually functioning better due to the services they did. During and since my trip, I've had numerous compliments on what a good camera I have, although that never happened before CamerasAndParts.com overhauled it! The photos and videos with this camera are now top-notch! Without doubt, this was the absolute best customer service I have ever received from a company. If only every company gave such fantastic service for such a reasonable price! Thank you, CameraAndParts.com!!!

Hugh T.
Sanford, MI

Just wanted a friendly note to thank you guys for everything. We're now on our fourth or fifth parts order and you consistently provide us with 5 Star Service and the Best Deal we can find on canon parts anywhere. You continue to go above and beyond and it's always appreciated on this end. We'll continue to do business here because of the great prices you provide and the way in which you treat your customers.

Tim S.
Sacramento, CA

Wow, what an amazing experience. We just received back our SD1000 that had a lens error and the G9 that wasn't turning on. We are totally happy, you guys are amazing. Keep it up, not many companies provide the level of customer service that you do. Your knowledge of these Canons is so extensive too. Andy explained everything to us and made us feel so comfortable. We're really as happy as can be, keep it up and please feel free to post this on your site. You guys are terrific.

Trisha M.
Austin, TX

Great job on my camera..so glad I found your services through a blogging site none the less. Also keep up the great customer service! It rare now a days to find a company that is very customer oriented and you guys did a great job in this area.

Steve S.
Casnovia, MI

My G9 suddenly stopped working while on vacation. No power, batteries were fine.

I started looking around on the web and discovered that the G9 has a problem with screws coming loose and shorting out the mother board. This is what happened to my camera.

I found a reference to CamerasAndParts on Flickr and am a happy customer (http://www.camerasandparts.com/info.html).

Since my camera was barely off warranty Canon wanted to charge me $150 just to have it looked at and perhaps more if parts are needed.

CamerasAndParts charged $89 to repair the problem with the camera, they also updated the firmware.

They have been incredibly customer service oriented and spent much time on the phone to explain and answer all my questions.

They are my one and only camera service from now on.

George E.
White Plains, NY

Good Evening folks...I spent some time on the phone tonight with "Mike". You all have the best follow up and customer focused service that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I have a Canon G9 that basically bit the dust and you have revived it! Thank you so much for the detailed conversation and discussion about how to solve my problems...You are the best. And feel free to post this message if you want or have folks email or call me if they are having any doubts about using you all. Like others...when I saw your site...I hesitated whether or not to send off my camera ( I am a semi pro and use it for my work) to someone out there in the wild west of the world wide web! But after reading the overwhelmingly positive comments about your work...I decided to bite the bullet and send it. I am so glad I did and you all are very professional and really know your stuff!

Thanks again for a great buying experience and have a Merry Christmas!

Dan F.
Evansville, IN

I just wanted to write a quick note to express my sincere gratitude for the way my camera was serviced. I had sent you my SD870 Canon Powershot camera which had developed an unexplainable lens error while we were on vacation. I tried two shops and both places told me the camera could not be repaired. One of those places was the place that I had originally bought the camera from, they said it couldn't be fixed but instead they wanted me to buy another camera from them. Well that didn't happen, instead I sent it to Cameras and Parts to be serviced and it just came back like new again. You guys made it perfect :) I am so happy and I would like you to know that I sincerely appreciate the way my camera came back. It works perfectly again, in all honesty it really seems to perform better now than it ever has. Thank you so much from the Wallace Family. We wish all of your staff a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year to come.

Amanda W.
Scottsdale, AZ

I'd like to post a testimonial for your website if possible. My name is Vicki and I had a completely positive experience with your service. I'd really contribute the positive dealings to be a result of the professionalism and courteous treatment I received from Andy at Camera And Parts. I just got my Powershot G7 back from your repair service and I am so happy that it's like new again. Before sending it in, I was experiencing the common no power problem on my G7 but that's all gone now, it's just like new and I am so happy for that. What I am most happy about is that correction that you do so the problem doesn't come back again. Andy was really amazing to work with and so was all of your staff. I'm impressed and if I ever need help with a Canon again, you will be the one and only place I choose. The experience has been terrific, I can once again use my G7 that I enjoy so much.

Victoria M.
Santa Ana, CA

I just got my Canon Powershot SD950 back from your repair deal. I am completely happy, the camera seems like new again or maybe better than new. I am a very happy customer and I will recommend you highly to my friends and relatives. Thank you for the excellent service that you provide.

Hiral N.
Delray Beach, FL


I am writing to provide a bit of feedback on my experience with CamerasAndParts.com. My Canon G9 stopped working altogether (would not turn on) about 3 months ago. I thought it was a lost cause and wound up purchasing a dSLR at the time. After doing a bit more research, as I missed the portability of my G9, I came across lots of content on the internet regarding power on/off issues with the G9. I decided to send it out to CamerasAndParts.com to see if they could revitalize my camera.

Ryan, who was the individual I dealt with on the phone, was extremely helpful and patient. He answered my questions and followed through. I got my camera back (properly packaged and operational) in due time for my vacation. I would not hesitate to do business with CamerasAndParts.com again. Thanks for your help!

Jason N.
Jersey City, NJ

I have received my G9 camera back that Cameras And Parts just worked on. What can I say other than that you guys did an excellent job. My camera blanked out with no power pretty much from one day to the next, not only did you guys fix it but I understand you did a correction so this doesn't keep happening with the loose screw - no power syndrome. Everything seems to work as good or better than new and I am more than satisfied. You guys also did a nice job cleaning the camera up. Should I ever need service again, you will be the only place I would consider sending my camera to. I am so impressed with the work and cleaning of the camera and everything else. Keep up the great work, it's not easy to find great service nowadays. Thanks guys.

Robert S.
Sugar Land, TX